Guaranteed rental income!

Looking to buy an investment property but want guaranteed rent?

We want to give you the peace of mind of having consistent income every month.

This means the amount the tenant has committed to pay is what you are guaranteed! 

No Arrears, No Vacancy for 2 years!

Now not all properties would qualify for the guarantee but we have pre qualified, property manager approved properties, that we have sourced directly from the builder.

Of course there are always fees and charges and normally to receive this type of guarantee you would be paying up to 15% in management fees No extra to pay, no commitment to continue after 2 years but with Leifield the first 2 years is guarantee fee free, so no extra to pay with no commitment to continue after the 2 years has finished.

We can do this because we have gone directly to the builder and cut out the salesperson which means we can give this back to you with a 2 year rental guarantee for your peace of mind.

2 year rental guarantee for your peace of mindDon’t want or need the guarantee? That’s fine, let us know and we can work something out with the builder specifically for you.

Fill out your details below and someone will call you to see how you can get into an investment property with Guaranteed rental income!